Why join us?

Great question, and to answer that, we propose the following brief:
What’s the business problem?
The math isn’t adding up and we’ve got too much work for the amount of people on the team.

Who’s our target?
Only the hardest working, hustle infused, strategic thinking, tech-forward, production-focused, creative peeps who aren’t afraid to do things differently.

What’s our POV?
We’re tired of the typical, so as we continue building our team we look for what makes people individuals.

What does success look like?
A dedicated team of innovative thinkers who want to blaze a trail into the future of digital.

Open Positions

Umbraco Developer (Vancouver)

You are:
The tech leader who can’t help but take ownership seriously, inspire others and successfully work within a team to deliver high quality applications.

You love:
Maintaining web applications using ASP.NET, some Angular, some React, Bootstrap, and (most importantly) the Umbraco CMS. You live, breathe and dream of Umbraco (okay, maybe that was a bit much, but you’re very comfortable in the Umbraco CMS environment).

Your bag of goodies includes:

  • Mastery in ASP.NET, Umbraco, Javascript/jQuery, HTML, CSS/SASS/LESS, SQL (MySql), working with web services (creating and integrating)
  • Familiarity with AngularJs and React
  • Familiarity with GIT
  • Working knowledge of UI frameworks and libraries (bootstrap, backbone)
  • Intimate knowledge of cross-browser issues and responsive design
  • Ability to flush out requirements and provide development estimates
  • Working with a team to deliver the best experience possible to the client

Your Bonus skills might include:

  • Agency experience
  • Experience with ReactJs, Redux, NodeJs, PHP, CI/CD systems
  • Experience with other CMS platforms like WordPress
  • Mobile development experience (Android, iOS, Unity … )
  • Any experience with AR (augmented reality) development. Or even a passion to get into AR development
  • Experience with Google Analytics

Sound like you?

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