Creative marketing solutions since 2010.

Ideation. Production. Action.

We are passionate about the endless opportunities that digital offers brands today. It’s a world where we can pair the right message and idea to the right audience at the right time. What a time to be alive in marketing.

Why Pound & Grain?

Apothecaries’ recipes are based on very precise weights and measurements. Today, a pound is 16 ounces, and every ounce is 8 drachms, and each drachm has 3 scruples, or 60 grains. So a pound was equal to about 7,000 grains. But the truth is, back in the day it depended wildly on where you lived.  For us, The Pound is the big picture ideas and strategy we bring to the table. The Grain, is our constant delivery of pixel-perfect experiences and performance-based results that connect people where they live and breathe today.

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We’re a full service digital agency so we provide a range of strategic, creative and technical solutions.

The Pound

Big picture thinking including digital and
social strategies and ideas designed to
solve complex business problems

The Grain

Our consistent delivery of
pixel-perfect digital experiences
and performance-based results

The Pound & Grain experience

Every agency will tell you about how they do things. This is how our sausage gets made.

Small Teams

Agility and teamwork 
makes the dream work.

Senior Talent

Always. On every
single project.

Human First

In a world of bots,
we're not.

Whole-Brain Thinking

Creative decisions are
collaborative chess moves.


Going the extra
mile is a given.

Extra Mustard

That one extra thing.
The sound. That feel.

A culture of hustle

We founded Pound & Grain to ensure that we got to put digital marketing ideas at the forefront. We wanted to make sure that marketers invested wisely and didn’t spend it on managing the account. Our approach in that first year: working hard, bold experimentation, learning from mistakes, and trying the impossible has now became a part of who we are. Today, that hustle is what we strive for everyday.

Rule 1

Work Hard

Rule 2

Be Nice

Rule 3

Think Big

Rule 4

Love Digital

Rule 5

Have Fun

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