Think Big March 17, 2020

What The Fresh Prince Can Teach Us About Marketing

Sandy Fleischer, managing partner here at Pound & Grain recently did a presentation for Masterclass.

His presentation, which you can watch here, discussed how brands can use The Fresh Prince of Bel Air to learn about marketing in the following ways. So this is a story all about how….

Key Changes we’ve seen over the last year:

One of the things Sandy mentions is that we’ve seen advertising at scale continue to get harder. Due to the prominence of digital, everyone seeing that one ad is getting increasingly difficult. While investing millions on performance marketing channels drives revenue, going all-in on performance marketing may be a bit of an overreaction. As Sandy puts it, “We at Pound and Grain want to show how brand-building links through to performance marketing.” In short, don’t overreact like Uncle Phil.

The Middle Funnel

Much like Carlton, the Middle Funnel is often neglected in marketing-but it’s important! The middle funnel is somewhere where digital can do some heavy lifting to connect between brand building and conversion. A good example is optimizing content by channel. For instance, Twitter would be for something like a press release, Instagram is casual and relies heavily on visual elements, and LinkedIn is for more formal, thought-provoking posts. 

Another example of leveraging the middle funnel is using targeted influencers. This helps brands use relatable people to promote the experiences and products that they specialize in. The third example mentions an immersive brand experience. This can enhance the story brands want to tell-for example, Sandy mentions our work with Arc’teryx to create an immersive digital experience for people to understand the manufacturing and design process of their products, which makes consumers understand the brand more. In short, if you nail the Middle Funnel, you’re dancin’.

Look for the customer journey

Looking for the customer journey is a great place to start. Determining your target audience’s motivations, mindsets and goals at all times helps determine what can be done from a digital perspective.  


Here’s a recap of the presentation: advertising at scale is still necessary, but it’s not as reliable. Overreacting and throwing everything into performance-based marketing is not a good idea, remembering the middle funnel is important, looking for the customer journey for this type of plan is a good place to start, and remember, it’s never a bad time to dance. “Smell ya later!”

These words are by Katarina Vidojevic

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