News March 18, 2015

A Q&A with Jackson Murphy

Jackson Murphy suddenly wakes up. He desperately looks for a pen and a napkin to write a great idea encouraged by a mysterious dream. Only by writing it down, he ensures not to lose the concept. It is only then, when he can fall back on sleep, entering a new inspiring dream. The Creative Director of POUND & GRAIN DIGITAL INC. wakes up with some napkins to develop.

Where’s the story of a brand? How do you get to the story and what they want to tell?

Usually, companies just come and tell us they want to create a product or website but they haven’t thought about how it feels or looks like yet. We do lot of work with brands to help them find that voice hiding inside them. If you are trying to improve customer’s life or to make it easier for them, that’s a pretty good story to tell people in order to connect with them. So I think is always about finding that truth that lies within the problem they are trying to solve. Building something great is awesome, but it’s even better if you find something to tell that’s essential.

I think that’s what makes super exciting working in a digital field. What you did 24 months ago doesn’t apply anymore. It’s always changing and keeping you on your toes.

Where do you look for inspiration before starting a project?

I’m not someone who loves brainstorms, mostly because I’m just not good at them. I like going off with myself and think about it. I always look for inspiration in another industry or on something completely different rather than looking at what the brand and their competitors are doing. In the same way, some companies totally try to disrupt an industry by seeking outside, like how Airbnb has disrupted the hotel business model. I guess is about solving the problem in a different way. A lot of inspiration also comes from a nice glass of wine or cold beer and not just when you are thinking about the idea.

These words are by Pound & Grain

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