News November 12, 2014

Our latest from the SoDA Report

Now available at or on Slideshare for download, the SoDA Report Vol. 2. The curated editorial of the SoDA Report comes with a variety of thought leadership pieces, case studies, and the latest article from our very own Creative Director Jackson Murphy and our Director of Planning, Penny Norman, What is the Value of Real?

“It’s increasingly hard for consumers to know exactly where reality ends and virtual reality begins. Hollywood has long been able to stretch the boundaries of our imaginations to show us what might be real. It’s now becoming possible to use technology to play with our understanding as to what constitutes a truly authentic experience. As we look to build brands that stand for something and create meaningful interactions, can we put a price on real?”

Taking a look at what reality means for today’s marketers, and how real can impact messages and our perception of reality. We invite you to enjoy the SoDA Report in full responsive goodness.

These words are by Jackson & Penny

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