News March 7, 2013

Pound & Grain in the SoDA Report Volume 1, 2013

Pretty exciting for us as new members to Soda to have some stuff in the latest SoDA Report (Volume 1, 2013). Last year the SoDA Report become on of the most read publication in the digital marketing world with over 65,000 readers.

Our own Sandy Fleischer sounds off on “The Age of Agile” (page 71) and then on page 214, our work for our friends at YYoga is highlighted. Read the whole report filled with amazing digital work and thoughts at slideshare. Or and this is pretty rad, download it for your iPad which is a great way to read all the content. Because it’s huge and action packed like that.

We are proud members of SoDA along with our fellow 70 member agencies in 22 countries on 5 continents and honoured to be apart of this years SoDA Report. SoDA has become the leading voice of the digital agency community, representing the top tier of digital agencies and the most sought after production companies in the world.

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