News June 17, 2014

A Chat with Graham & Jackson

Creative Interviews sits down with Pound and Grain Creative Directors Graham MacInnes and Jackson Murphy to get the low down on their decade long partnership, creative philosophy, digital trends, the idea of hustle, some advice they have, and their mentors.


How did you come to form your dynamic creative partnership and what were your respective career backgrounds leading up to this point?

Jackson: Over ten years ago, Graham sat down next to me one day at this online gambling start up we both found our way to. From then until now, we’re still sitting side by side. I’d spent a couple of years in the film business and joined the company as its only copywriter. We started making banners and landing pages together, and about eight weeks in, we made a 4-page spread and 12-page insert in Esquire magazine together. The rest, as they say, is history.

Graham: I was working for an action sports company creating motion graphics and marketing materials. For our first big project together, we started showing up at 7am – that just felt like an instant connection and match – we were both aligned on hustling and being hungry, and we instantly figured out that getting in those quiet hours, we would always be in the right place, and right time for juicy assignments.

If I had a nickel for every time Graham didn’t like my idea I’d be a very rich man. But without a raw reaction from each other, we wouldn’t create solutions that clients need. - Jackson

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