June 25, 2014

A closer look at Pound & Grain in Net Magazine’s August Issue

Starting on page 58 of the new August 2014 Issue of Net Magazine you’ll find an in depth profile and tour of Pound and Grain. The magazine chatted with Sandy, Tara, Graham, and Jackson on Vancouver, our name, culture, advice, and candles that “makes the apocalypse smell fantastic.”

“Pound & Grain’s founders are all veterans of big agencies: they just choose not to show it. Or rather, their first-hand knowledge of how large, network-owned firms can fail their clients informs their own business practices. It’s a philosophy summed up in the five rules painted on the agency’s office walls. Work hard, Be Nice, Think big, Love Digital, and Have fun.”

You can get the issue on newstands now, for your iPhone or iPad in the iTunes store, or via Google Play. And a huge thanks to our photographer Cherish Bryck for taking all the images and making sure we looked nice.

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