Think Big February 18, 2022

Food & Beverage Ad Report

The second Super Bowl of the COVID-19 pandemic aired on Sunday. As always, it delivered on its usual promise of celebrity-ridden advertising goodness. A dozen first time brands appeared this year from the fintech, health and betting categories, which is a strong reflection of how consumer spending habits have shifted over the last year or so.

Super Bowl commercials really do mirror the mood of the people. Happily, most marketers took the opportunity to look beyond the pandemic, focusing on lighter themes such as friendship, humour and revival. It could infer that society is yearning for an escape rather than the quiet reflection that has dominated discourse of late. One of the more obvious takeaways from the event was the heavy influence of crypto companies (many dubbing it “the Crypto Bowl”), with one contender seemingly stealing the show. 

Meanwhile, in the food and beverage category, there was a strong emphasis on comedy to create breakthrough. Recent research from Kantar suggests that over the last 20 years the number of ads containing humour has been in a significant decline. At the same time, Ipsos discovered that consumers want advertising that makes them feel ‘positivity’, ‘enjoyment’ or ‘security’. It’s nice to see they weren’t let down in that regard this year.

Here are our top five (highly subjective) food and beverage category favourites:


According to Pringles, 43% of people have admitted to getting their hand stuck in the can. This became the inspiration for the big game spot, exploring what life would be like for one young fan if their hand was stuck forever. He encounters a range of hilarious lifestage moments, enduring the unexpected consequences of can at all times.


Starring aptly named Jerod Mayo and the self-described ‘very hitable’ Pete Davidson, this humorous spot focuses on the issue of food waste. Hellman’s Mayonnaise demonstrates how to make meals out of the things you would have otherwise thrown away.


To show people that Uber Eats delivers more than just take out food, they enlisted the help of well-known celebrities to comedically eat non-edible household items. Even though it’s delivered by Uber Eats, you can’t necessarily always “eats” it!


Dynamic duo Seth Rogan and Paul Rudd reminisce about their life-long friendship. This comical spot explores the nostalgia, memories, trials and tribulations they have endured together, featuring none other than Lay’s potato chips at the heart of the story. And since it’s Rogan and Rudd, outtakes are always a thing


Ancient Rome was a big advertiser this year. Long time Super Bowl ad maker Avocados From Mexico brings people together at tailgate in the parking lot of the Colosseum in this irreverent, funny and well produced ad. We even enjoyed the Caesar salad gag at the end.

These words are by Thomas Morton

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