Weekly Wins October 18, 2019

Spacewalks and Smart Mugs

Time to shake off the turkey hangover and sip your favourite cocktail – it’s Weekly Wins time!

This week we all got to watch the very first all-female spacewalk, Jennifer Aniston and some “Friends” broke an Instagram record, Google Daydream fades away and Smart Mugs will keep your drink hot.

T’was a short week for us Canadians, which means the weekend sneaks up on you like a craving for gravy (or is that just me?). The world of digital offered a lot of interesting headlines this week, but nothing more interesting than the live stream of the very first all-female spacewalk. Also, there’s an app that can tell Californians when an earthquake will hit, Jennifer Aniston finally joins Instagram and more. You ready for this? Are you?

1. All-Female Spacewalk

Astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir made history this week when they donned their space suits and journeyed outside of the International Space Station to fix a power issue. Not only is this cool AF (cause… spacewalk) but the duo became the very first all-female duo to do so. YouTube streamed the entire 6 ½ walk live for all us nerds to see, and it was glorious. A little history lesson tells us how significant this spacewalk is compared to all others because it’s the first all-female spacewalk in the history of human spacewalks! Space High-Fives all around. 

2. MyShake The Earthquake Warning App

Residents of California can now get upwards to 10 full seconds of warning before an earthquake starts to shake the ground. Thanks to mobile app MyShake, users will be alerted through the app, and through an amber alert that an earthquake is imminent. And when the earth starts to shake, 10 seconds can make a significant difference when it comes to finding cover. MyShake works in conjunction with a network of seismic sensors buried beneath the surface all over the state of California. When an earthquake hits, it results in two types of waves. The first is undetectable on the surface, but the second is what people typically feel. The sensors are able to detect the first wave and send a warning to the phones of those in the area. A great example of digital technology for good.

3. Pour One Out For Google Daydream

Remember a few years ago when Google launched the Daydream? And Samsung was all in on Gear? And Oculus was championing the longevity of personalized VR experiences? Well, we can put all that to rest now as the smartphone VR experience is all but dead. The Google Daydream is no longer supported by the latest Google phones and smartphone companies have been focusing less and less on this type of hardware. How come? Well, part of the reason is because you can achieve the same VR experience with a cardboard headset which is a lot cheaper to produce. Manufactured headsets like the Daydream simply became redundant. VR experiences aren’t going anywhere, but their application through smartphones looks to be taking a backseat.

4. Smart Mugs

How many times have you poured yourself a piping hot mug of coffee or tea, only to forget about it for a while and have it become lukewarm or cold? The folks over at Ember feel your pain, so they developed a series of smart mugs that can keep your beverage hot (not just warm) for three hours. The Ember Travel Mug 2 and the Ember Mug 2 have been designed to carry 50% more battery life than before, so you can take your hot beverage on the go and it will still remain hot for three hours. Need a charge? That’s fine, the Ember’s charge station keeps your drink hot AND charges the mug. Stay warm out there folks.

5. Rachel & Friends Break Instagram Record

Former “Friends” actor Jennifer Aniston had resisted the urge to join Instagram for years, until this week. And without warning, pretty much owned everyone by posting her first image with the entire cast of her former show. The image helped Aniston reach 1 million followers in just 5 hours and 16 minutes it the fastest account to a million ever. Reunion anyone? Maybe, but until then, we’re just going to have to live out our dreams of returning to Central Perk through Jennifer Aniston’s IG account.

These words are by Scott Lew

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