Weekly Wins January 10, 2020

CES 2020 Round-Up

It’s CES 2020 week!

Toyota revealed its plan for a futuristic city, Segway designed a Jurassic Park inspired pod, Samsung built a robot named Ballie, Mercedes designed an Avatar car, and Sony unveiled an electric car. CES 2020 proves an exciting decade is coming, so pour yourself a drink to welcome the new changes, and have a look at our weekly wins.

1.Toyota’s Woven City

Toyota’s reveal at CES 2020 was a Japanese prototype city that will consist of robotics, autonomous cars, and 2000 paid people to live there. The city, which CEO Akio Toyoda named “The Woven City” will be a glimpse into the possibility of what future cities could look and function like, with the implementation of technologies such as autonomous cars, smart homes, as well as zero-emission powered technology and solar-paneled roofs. While it seems almost reminiscent of a Black Mirror episode with its use of robotics and artificial intelligence to connect people, the use of zero-emission technology is perhaps worth it, with climate change becoming a more pressing matter by the day.

Woven City Prototype.

2.Segway’s Egg-Like S-Pod

Among all of the new designs and prototypes which were seen in CES 2020, Segway’s new S-Pod is worth noting. The S-Pod was designed after the Gyrosphere seen in Jurassic Park and is designed to be used in shopping malls, airports, and campuses. The design will help those who have limited mobility, as well as the elderly get to their destinations faster in areas such as airports, where people are usually in a rush. While some may think the device will encourage laziness, it will also help the quality of life for people with mobility issues or injuries. Although Segway did not reveal the cost of the S-Pod, the fact that it will be featured in airports and shopping malls likely means it will not be as expensive as it would for everyday use.

Segway's S-Pod.

3.Samsung’s Ballie

This robot named Ballie was designed to help around your smart-home. Ballie’s features include playing with pets, as well as allowing pet-owners to watch their pets through Ballie’s camera, and will help with household tasks such as cleaning. Ballie will also call for help if it senses someone has fallen and can’t get up. The features seem great, especially for busy people who are away from home for most of the day, or perhaps for those who cannot have actual pets, but the issue of privacy remains a concern among potential users, although the company promises they will not share user’s data with other companies.

Samsung's Robot Ballie.

4.Mercedes’ Avatar Car

Mercedes revealed its newest car inspired by Avatar. In fact, they worked with avatar director James Cameron to design the futuristic-looking car. The goal of the car is for humans and machines to become one; which is a common theme being seen in CES 2020. The car also boasts environmentally-friendly features such as recycled interiors, as the overall theme of the car is nature. Interestingly enough, the car has no steering wheel and plans on being autonomous, like most of the cars seen at CES 2020. Mercedes also took safety into account and stated that the car will be able to detect when a family is in the car. Overall, the avatar car seems almost unimaginable due to its futuristic design, yet the idea of people and machines becoming one is becoming more common in society, and the fact that it promises sustainability will likely attract many prospective car-owners.

Mercedes worked with Avatar director James Cameron to design the new car.

5.Sony’s First Car Launch:

Perhaps the most talked-about reveal of CES 2020 is Sony’s Vision-S, an electric vehicle. The company has never designed cars before, yet this car has over 30 sensor features and is equipped with 360 audio reality, as well as widescreen displays. The company partnered with other companies in the industry such as Continental and Bosch. The exterior of the car mimics the look of luxury cars, with a glass roof and seats embedded with its 360 audio speakers. While the car seems to be built to near perfection, it is unclear whether they will go into production, or if they will sell their parts to other companies. In any case, Sony’s innovation will likely be seen on the streets soon, as it is already getting a lot of buzz and media attention after their announcement.

Sony surprised everyone at CES 2020 with a car reveal.

These words are by Katarina Vidojevic

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