Think Big March 12, 2015

The Yellow Tech Road

For years Hollywood has been championing sci-fi stories, stretching our imaginations and designing our technological present, while driving tech innovation.

Today, we’ve landed in unfamiliar territory with only expectation to guide us – where to, exactly, we’re still not sure. One thing we do know is that we’re not in Kansas anymore. And, what we’re going to get out of this experience depends entirely on what we invite through the illusive screen. Holograms, augmented reality, virtual reality, oh my.

This virtual world is knocking on our computer screens waiting to become physical.

Even when we take a look at consumer-generated video content, the point of view is changing. The undeniable success of tools like GoPro has changed perspective from audience to subject. We want to be on the bike, in the helicopter, doing that jump. We want the entire experience and the professional-grade tools to give us a glimpse of our virtual destination.

And, while we stare into the future, the global giants are gathering their troops for the journey. Just one look at the figures and the names behind them and you know that a virtual world is no longer a plan, but a reality. With Google’s investment of 500 million+ into Magic Leap, Facebook buying Oculus for $2 billion, Valve and HTC, and Sony entering the game, the future is written.

Today, technology is blowing up our perceptions of reality. It’s changing the world and environment we live in. But what does this mean for content and the marketer?

These words are by Sandy Fleischer & Michelle Knight

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