Version Control October 12, 2018

The Shift in Social

Everybody knows that today’s teens and your grandpa use social differently.  

What’s trickier to understand, though, is how millennials and Gen Z, who are only a couple years apart, use social completely differently.

The team is back with another episode of the Version Control podcast. This time, we’re talking all things social and all things Gen Z. How does this generation differ from their millennial predecessors? How do they use social differently? And most importantly, how can brands and marketers keep up with the ever-evolving social sphere?

Tune in to Episode 34 for a brand new segment called Respect The Hustle where the team shares examples of brands, creators, and influencers who are doing it right. Plus, from robot developers to Hallmark movies to algorithms that can tell what you look like just from your DNA, we’ve got some juicy Digital Picks to cap it all off.

If you’re searching for a new digital marketing podcast, listen no further. Version Control is here to tickle your ears with insights on the shift in social. And if you’re a long time listener, welcome back! Tune in by clicking the ITunes link below.  Version Control is now available on Spotify.

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