Version Control January 22, 2018

Ep 30: Surviving The Binge Wars

Cable cord cutting is old news. But what does it mean for digital marketing?

With the rise in popularity of streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and HBO, approximately 390,000 households have completely cut the cord, leaving advertisers to reassess the value of 30-second TV spots. Marketers are now turning to social influencers on YouTube and streaming networks like Netflix. The common denominator? The ability to binge watch.

Join us for episode 30 of Version Control where we discuss the question: “With so much targeted content being created and enjoyed, how can brands capitalize on the binge wars?” Plus, tune in for some sweet digital picks like the debut of Uber’s Robo Air Taxi, Pizza Hut’s self-driving delivery van, and more. Then rate and review us on iTunes!




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