Version Control December 10, 2017

Ep 28: Smartphone Wars: iPhone vs. Pixel

Ali had Frasier. The Jedi have the Empire. John Wick has… everyone. Everyone and everything has a rival. And Smartphones are no different.

Whether you’re an iOS or Android addict, smartphone fans are passionate about what phones and operating systems they prefer. Everybody has their favourites. In Episode 28 of Version Control, the team chats about the history of smartphones then get serious about choosing sides. It’s the greatest debate of our time. In one corner, the Apple iPhone X. In the other, it’s the Google Pixel 2.

If that’s not enough of a pull for you to listen, we also dive into some great Digital Picks this episode. We talk about robots who can do some crazy things, T Swift’s decision to finally bring her music to streaming services, Snapchat’s choice to separate social from media, and more.

So, sit back, give our podcast a listen on iTunes or Spotify, and rate us, too! Then head over to Twitter or Facebook and let us know what side you’re on.

These words are by Pound & Grain

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