Version Control November 2, 2018

Choose Your Own Adventure

If you had to choose between entertainment and engagement, which would you pick?

Do you prefer to be passively entertained by a storyline someone else created? Or do you like to get involved, control the plot, and experience the perspective of a character? While movies and video games are very different, the line between the two is increasingly becoming blurred.

In our latest Version Control podcast, we discuss the popularity of interactive entertainment. From virtual reality to Netflix’s upcoming choose-your-own-adventure Black Mirror episode, the ways that brands can involve consumers in their marketing are growing.

The Internet gives us tons of choice, so now, everything is a choose your own adventure! But why? And how can brands keep up? Tune in to find out!

And of course, we’ve still got some great “Respect The Hustle” examples and Digital Picks. We share how YouTube is constantly adapting for audiences, chat underwater robots, laugh at internet bagel outrage, and discuss how today’s Bachelorettes are using their fame to build their own brand.

It’s Version Control episode 35, and we’re now on Spotify!  Have a listen.

These words are by Pound & Grain

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