Version Control July 5, 2017

Ep. 25: Brutalist Web Design

Brutalist design is making waves in the web space and the Version Control team get chatting about it. Some people love it, some people hate it, others simply just don’t get it. “Hey, is this site glitching?” How has something that was once an underground wonder become so much more mainstream? Brutalist web design: beautiful pixels, or uncomfortable mess?

Brutalist web design tends to have its own rules and doesn’t follow any standards or patterns. Some examples include the Space Jam site, preserved in all of its 90’s glory, and Pile of Bones, a DOS-esque site for an underground film festival. The overall design of brutalist sites is raw and uncomfortable with bold and heavy typefaces and unexpected splashes of colour. Are they just poorly made sites or built with intention?

In this episode, we hear from Creative Director Jackson Murphy and Nick Kewin, writer & podcast producer. A.K.A. the original Version Control duo. After reminiscing about Iron Eagle, Top Gun 2 and how awesome Tom Cruise is at running, they discuss what exactly brutalism is, what’s great and what’s not and whether they think it’s just a fad or here to stay.

This episode also features some digital picks for you. Jackson shares some highlights from Cannes including T-Pain’s yacht party, Instagram’s art gallery pop-up and Heinz Ketchup’s journey from being featured on Mad Men to winning a Lion at the festival. Plus, Nick brings up a surprise announcement from Google regarding your Gmail privacy.

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