Version Control April 26, 2019

The Hotseat Featuring Kaiti Snell

What do you get when you combine strategic thinking, Texas, and roller skates? You get our next guest on the Hotseat, Kaiti Snell!

A much loved, much missed veteran of Pound & Grain, Kaiti Snell is an incredibly talented strategist at Juliet Creative who doesn’t go anywhere without her smarty pants. Wondering what the Lone Star state and laced shoes with wheels come in? Kaiti used to live in Texas but returned to her Canadian roots where she dominates Toronto roller rinks in her free time as a Roller Derby super star. Her derby nickname? Frost.

Eclectic is one word for her. But she’s just as smart as she is fun, always searching to understand the deeper meaning, the why, the how-can-it-be-better answer to, well, everything. Today, she has taken time out of her busy schedule to chat with us about strategy, digital marketing, trends, and of course, all things Roller Derby. Let’s go!

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