Version Control April 1, 2019

April Fool's Fun

Introducing, Jacksonbot!

Our founding partner/creative director, Jackson is known for working harder than anyone else in the room. He’s also worked to create a strong team to work around him, however, and it appears that he’s finally melded his work ethic with the creative talent in the Pound & Grain family.

Jackson will maintain the majority of his normal work duties but he’s handing some of the auxiliary tasks to his newly created assistant, Jacksonbot. Listen now to meet him and – April Fools! LOLOL

The seed of the concept has been planted but as of now, there is no Jacksonbot helper. Sadly (for him) Jackson’s workload remains mountainous. By April of next year, we’re confident that Jacksonbot will be a reality. Thanks for playing along with our April Fools fun, and take a listen as we dig into some discussion on the topic: Should marketers jump in on the holiday fun? We take a look back at some branded April Fools wins and losses throughout the years.

Listen NOW to get in on the joke! Episode 44 is available on Spotify and SoundCloud.

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