News November 14, 2014

A picture's worth 60,000 words

For their first column at Strategy Magazine, Penny Norman and Jackson Murphy settled on looking at the world in terms of Code & Humans.

With our brains being rewired, we buy differently, research differently, socialise in new ways making it hard to keep up. However there is one place that intrinsically mirrors human behaviour, the online world. Penny & Jackson will look at the latest behavioural trends, changes and human truths and see how the digital world is responding.

“Science tells us that our computer-like human brains process images 60,000 times faster than text. No wonder we see this preference so clearly in how people are engaging with the web. Three quarters (75%) of posts to Tumblr are images, and 90% of those contain no text or even a hashtag. On Facebook, photos are liked twice as much as text status updates and 70% of search results are videos.

And like moths to the flame we are rapidly adopting more visual social platforms. Instagram has grown 25% and Snapchat has grown 67% from October 2013 to April this year. And, it’s why the average visit to Pinterest lasts 14.2 minutes – there’s a reason we call it going down the ‘pinhole.’”

“So as humans overwhelmingly vote, scroll and like more and more images,” we wonder, “why is it so hard to keep up?” Check out their article at Strategy to find out.

These words are by Jackson & Penny

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