Think Big April 15, 2014

Is there any that rock?

After the countless weather apps in the App Store, the next most popular apps for start-ups and creatives to tackle are the almost bottomless pits of to do lists and goal setting apps. It makes sense, creative people are always trying to find some secret formula to improve upon the good old fashioned Moleskin to do list scribble. And even they have apps today. But at this rate, does the world need any more productivity apps, ideas, or concepts?

That’s what’s so fun—if you can stand out in this crowded field, what can’t you do? Now, we realize we’re a few months late in doing an article about goal setting apps considering your New Year’s resolutions are probably now long since given up on. But the category of productivity is a virtual graveyard of individuals and companies who have tried to imagine a better mousetrap, in app form.

These words are by Jackson & Graham

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