Think Big July 16, 2015

The rise of micro content

Social media has changed us. It’s changed the way we learn and, to a large extent, it’s changed the way we think. It should come as no surprise then, that social media has evolved the way that we create and ingest information and spawned a sub-genre of media.

Micro-content – digestible snippets of visual media – now dominate our entertainment/information reception. The interactive capabilities of micro-content empower the user to tailor the story experience for themselves. Micro-content is the cover to the book, or the snappy headline to an article. You decide how far you’d like to take the experience.

"It’s a micro-content world, you’re just living in it. To put it into perspective, 75% of all online adults use social media. Even as a relatively new platform, there are 100 million daily Snapchat users with more than 2 billion video views on Snapchat per day."

These words are by Jackson Murphy & Nick Kewin

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