Think Big January 7, 2014

An interview with Ian Adelman

For their New Year’s resolution, The New York Times is launching a beyond ambitious redesign of their future web experience and their first since 2006. Offering a new experience, the requisite press release promises a “cleaner, more engaging user experience” that will define the future of the paper’s digital edition. On Twitter, Rhodri Marsden cut through the spin and found the key to redesigning the Grey Lady was actually just about, “humans. As opposed to, say, the elk.”

Already available since Jan. 2 for some users, the new design offers some timely examples of responsive web design, touch first philosophy, user centric thinking, and a whole lot of white space – bonus points for them having a trailer video and microsite of course. The NY Times digital strategy focused their responsive efforts just down to tablet devices and screen sizes since they have a completely separate mobile experience version. To fully appreciate this next generation of the paper, we highly recommend this animated GIF of The New York Times home page history as a good start. 2001 was adorable.

Graham and Jackson interview Ian Adelman, Director of Digital Design at the New York Times prior to the launch. Read Responsively Redesigning the New, New York Times.  

These words are by Jackson & Graham

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