April 24, 2014

Is the Nike FuelBand the DeLorean of the Wearable Tech world?

WRITTEN BY: Jackson & Graham

Well that was fast. While we were all eating delicious Eastery dinners, it looks like Nike spent the weekend uninstalling most of its FuelBand team and casting doubt on the future of the entire wearable technology industry.

The story had been quietly rumbling around for a week as social network Secret had seen multiple posts about the layoffs. Of course Nike still remains publicly committed to the product, issuing strong statements about the Nike+ FuelBand App, API, and is even the new launch of Fuel Lab which hopes to embed the Nike software in others’ devices.

For this week’s Design Work Life Article we dive into the future of wearable technology with the help of Robert Langdon, DeLoreans, Game of Thrones, and the undeniable power of socks as a business model.