Think Big February 14, 2018

Why We Love What We Do

This Valentine’s Day, we’re spending our time doing what we love; working in digital. 

As a digital marketing agency, Pound & Grain focuses on all things digital, and producing great work means loving every step of the way. It’s part of our five rules that make us who we are: 1. Work Hard, 2. Be Nice, 3. Think Big, 4. Love Digital, and 5. Have Fun.

We’re successful because everybody has the same mindset which is, in a candy-heart-coated nutshell, that digital is awesome. But what exactly is it that we love about digital and the work we do? Have a read through Pound & Grain’s digitally obsessed Q&A below for our team’s take on why we love what we do.

"It's the future. It's forward-thinking. It's adaptable."

Why do you love digital?

I love how fast digital moves. Everything is brand new, and can be implemented right away in the right circumstances. I love that kind of possibility. – Jessica Luch, Senior Designer

The versatility it brings to storytelling. – Scott Lew, Associate Creative Director

That you can engage with people wherever they are. Whenever they are. All on a one to one basis. In real time. – Jackson Murphy, Creative Director

I love digital because anything is possible. – Ivana Atlija, Junior Copywriter

There are no boundaries with digital! Things are constantly changing and it’s a continuous learning opportunity for those who work digitally. – Shirin Sheidaei, Digital Project Coordinator

The world of digital moves so fast, I love seeing what’s next. – Jane Lee, Designer

Because paper is stupid and everyone has a digital device in their pocket. – Mark Cameron, Senior Designer

I love digital because I get to build something out of nothing. The limits of what’s possible are always evolving, and that progress will never stop. I will always have new things to learn as long as I want to keep learning. – Laura Culham, Front-end Developer

Digital means more gadgets! – Sean Mutlow, Jack of All Trades/Producer

It’s the future. It’s forward-thinking. It’s adaptable. – Andre Buno, Senior Designer

I love the connections and engagement you can create through digital experiences. Interaction and digital storytelling can create immersive experiences unlike anything we have seen in the history of mankind. We are literally living in the future. – Cameron Lee, Interactive Lead

"Traditional is missing an entire dimension."

What do you love about digital marketing vs. traditional media?

Digital marketing is so flexible, it can mean almost anything; from Instagram stories to YouTube takeovers. You can play in so many areas. Jessica Luch, Senior Designer

The flexibility of the message and the ability to prove results. – Scott Lew, Associate Creative Director

Measurement. Data. Results. – Jackson Murphy, Creative Director

Digital marketing allows us to carefully track results and create a real impact for our clients. Plus, digital is just way more fun. – Ivana Atlija, Junior Copywriter

With digital you get to experience a world of possibilities and play around with different tools/platforms. This might sound creepy, but you can also follow the digital footprint of your audience, really understand where they are coming from and follow them through their journey! – Shirin Sheidaei, Digital Project Coordinator

Digital marketing allows people to engage and discuss! – Jane Lee, Designer

You can’t interact with a billboard or a TV spot. Traditional media is missing an entire dimension. – Mark Cameron, Senior Designer

Working in the digital sphere exposes us to clients who are (generally) more predisposed to taking risks and green-lighting interesting projects. – Sean Mutlow, Jack of All Trades/Producer

It allows us to study user habits to get results that will allow us to reach a larger audience. – Andre Buno, Senior Designer

The freedom to push boundaries and explore new and emerging technologies. – Cameron Lee, Interactive Lead

"Everyone is on the same page."

What do you love about working at Pound & Grain?

I love that everyone is on the same page, we’re all striving to make effective and beautiful work. – Jessica Luch, Senior Designer

No egos and people appreciate good work. – Scott Lew, Associate Creative Director

Constantly pushing ourselves outside our comfort zone in the service of our clients needs. – Jackson Murphy, Creative Director

The atmosphere. Everyone is passionate about what they do, down to collaborate, and fun to be around. – Ivana Atlija, Junior Copywriter

How collaborative we are! No project gets done without everyone getting together and making it happen. – Shirin Sheidaei, Digital Project Coordinator

There are many things, but our collection of GIFs and memes are world class. – Jane Lee, Designer

I’d hang out with everyone I work with. Everyone is rad AF. – Mark Cameron, Senior Designer

I love that I have the freedom to contribute my own ideas for adding extra magic, and create little wow moments to the final result of a project. – Laura Culham, Front-end Developer

The snacks. And because this kind of conversation happens: Me: “Has anyone here ever done this before? Does anyone even know how?” P&G peeps: “Nope.” Me: “It’s really cool though. Should we try it?” P&G peeps: “Totally!”
– Sean Mutlow, Jack of All Trades/Producer

I’m surrounded by super talented people who do amazing work and love to drink. – Andre Buno, Senior Designer

It’s the attitude of everyone here. Creativity and collaboration are prioritized. The heart and hustle everyone puts into their work every day is unlike any other shop I have been a part of. – Cameron Lee, Interactive Lead

We hope you enjoyed this inside look at the heart behind our hustle. Our takeaway? Do what you love and love what you do. Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Pound & Grain.

These words are by Ivana Atlija

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