Think Big September 7, 2016

Virtual Reality Visualized

Sometimes it takes one step back to go two steps forward. The steep incline of VR popularity in the past year has made this immersive tech the comeback kid of the innovative entertainment market as well as the playground of digital marketers.

The digital darling of the 90’s took a brief (twenty year, give or take a few) nap but it’s back with a vengeance and here to stay. In the past six months we had the pleasure of jumping into VR with some exciting projects for clients like SAP and the CFL and are excited about even more on the way.

It’s pretty hard to go more than a few hours, before hearing about some new and crazy cool VR experience. Google’s chatting about where it can go in films, Alibaba wants you to shop in it, even Obama is checking it out. There’s VR ballet, VR inspired by real events, and car dealers like Audi getting in on the action. There’s a VR pop-up cinema opening up in Toronto. And for you lumberjack enthusiasts, there is VR for that too. Obviously.

We thought it was a good idea to pull together a few numbers and share that in an infographic that maps the future of the VR in all of its glorious applications. And even as we’ve put this together, an IDC report has pegged that global VR and AR will likely now reach $162 billion in 2020 while Canada is expected to spend about $643 million next year.


These words are by Jackson Murphy & Tina Shin

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