Think Big May 27, 2015

Keeping Up With Digital

The million-dollar agency question: How do you foster an agency culture when the foundations of the industry keep shifting? Spoiler: it may have something to do with 5 simple rules.

When the only certainty in our industry is change, building an agency culture needs to be about setting up values, living by them, and hoping they hold steady in any digital storm.

“We’ve seen some incredibly talented people walk through our doors, but if there’s an indication that the value of a rule is missing, we just keep looking.”

It’s the unpredictable, the groundbreaking and the pushing of boundaries that makes this industry so intoxicating and inspiring. It’s this constant change that outlined the rules for value culture at Pound & Grain. They have seen us through an exciting four years and helped us become a 21 people strong dual city agency.

These values seep through to every important decision. From hiring and introducing new staff to creating the right work, choosing clients, and building new offices. The rules are the roots that we hope will weather the exciting storms ahead.

These words are by Jackson Murphy & Penny Norman

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