Think Big September 11, 2015

The Wearable Era & How Brands Can Try on the Trend

How long will it be until wearable tech is as ubiquitous as the smart phone?

It feels like we’re sitting on the cusp of the Wearable Era, and as prices continue to drop and applications continue to be developed the floodgates are bound to open up on the purchase and use of Wearables. Now, it’s time for marketers to jump into the game. With any emerging tech, we have to ask ourselves this fundamental question:how can we exploit this technology for our own evil gains?

The biggest impediment to sales of wearables to date has been the nebulous nature of them to consumers. So far, the average consumer seems to feel that the smartphone is satisfying their digital needs just fine, thank you very much. They don’t see the benefit of wearing the tech that they currently carry. As the reach of the Internet of Things expands, however, there is no doubt that the tech that you wear will come to outsmart your phone and fridge.

And here’s the good news, marketers: no less than 63% of 1,000 users interviewed by Juniper Research in April of this year say that they would make a purchase using a wearable device. Combine this with research by Avangate that shows that close to 70 million dollars will be spent on wearable advertising by 2018, and these elements could converge to create a firestorm of success

These words are by Nick Kewin & Jackson Murphy

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