Think Big September 2, 2015

In defence of long-form content


Stories have built and destroyed our belief systems, values, and cultures since the beginning of time. Today, storytelling is where brands go to grow. The online world is a global cultural structure that is hungry for content.

But what type of content is best to invest in – the short flirt or the committed friend? In a world where emojis are replacing sentences, is our old pal Long Content still invited to the party?

In 10 years, our attention spans have decreased from 12 minutes to five. Our ability to read lots of content has clearly been impacted. It would be naïve to think that our brains aren’t changing with the use of technology. A study done on comprehension found that people who only read text understood far more than those who read text integrated with video.

Contrary to those who say people don’t want to read long form, when it comes to social sharing, long content takes the cake. According to Buffer, articles with more than 2,500 words will garner the most social shares. Consumers are developing a unique taste and ability to ingest content and the menu is endless.

"Articles with more than 2,500 words will garner the most social shares."

These words are by Michelle Knight & Jackson Murphy

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