News August 1, 2014

Mom's A Medium

We never thought creating a website for a medium’s reality TV show was in our cards, who knows maybe medium Carmel Baird did. The description of this site, by Brief, is apt and flattering, “Though bright, colorful and dynamic, the site also has an endearingly creaky feel.”  It’s almost as if we had premonitions of our own.

Mom’s a Medium, is a reality TV show set just outside Edmonton, Alberta. Carmel with her mediumship ability runs a rustic home, chickens, goats the lot. We needed to capture the complete experience online, so we recreated Carmel’s reading room. Like Jackson Murphy, our Creative Director, said: “The goal of what we’re doing is to get people to watch the show. There has to be a connection there. What we do on the website drives people to the show and stuff on the show is going to be driving people back to the website.”

We are thrilled that an idea we spent months creating was delivered effectively– creakiness in tow. Creating a website for Mom’s a Medium was a new, exciting, territory we’d never ventured into before, and helping CMT, and Lark productions with their digital strategy to support their show, was not just an honour, but great fun. If you haven’t had your oracle cards laid out or picked your spirit stone yet, go ahead visit Carmel’s reading room for some spirited fun.

Though bright, colorful and dynamic, the site also has an endearingly creaky feel.

These words are by Pound & Grain

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