Think Big December 23, 2015

Killing the Internet

The negatives of online ads can turn into positives if we step away from the chaos and rethink our responsibility to the user and their experience.

As the war on ads marches on, and publishers, marketers and content creators get caught up in the crossfire we take a step back and look beyond the Google – Apple battle towards the users and how, as marketers, we are failing them.

The digital ad reins are pulling tight on consumers’ patience and ad blocking is now a thing. It’s definitely not a black and white world, people need, love and crave content and nothing is free. Finding that balance is where our heads need to be.

The truth is programmatic advertising can work if we respect human eyes and got rid of the bots. Marketers don’t want to spend money talking to bots, users don’t want to be retargeted or rudely interrupted and we all just want to get along. The ad world has been called to action, so lets take it.

These words are by Michelle Knight

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