Think Big December 31, 2010

10 Things We Learned in 2010

2010 was a great year for us. As we countdown the last few hours, we look back on some things we’ve learned and wish our friends at Cures for Kids,Foundation FeaturesThe Social AgencynZone MediaBeehive Holdings, and YYoga a very Happy New Year and successful 2011. Here’s a few things we’ve learned.


1. That Clients love updating their own sites

In 2010, we build our sites using Silverstipean open source content management system. It’s customizable like crazy, and easy to use. Our clients dug that sites we made them.

2. That Mobile is Awesome

It’s nearly clichéd to talk about how 2010 was finally the year of mobile, but working on the small screen is very fun, and we look forward to 2011. And it’s not just apps, although we have some of those on deck this coming year, it’s just mobile versions of the sites we work on. We also really like our iPhone 4’s.

3. That the Future of Marketing and Advertising is small.

In the many conversations we had this year, with many clients, and even more with potential clients, one common theme came up. They are all looking for un-agency thinking, and more importantly un-agency prices and processes.

4. There are still awful website being created, daily.

We are still shocked to see what kinds of websites are being churned out in this business. We are still constantly amazed at companies we like, and products we love, sometimes have archaic, sometimes embarrassing websites. Worse is that lots of them are being made by companies claiming to offer web design as a service.

5. That you can turn down jobs.

Who knew? One week we did a simple pro-con list. We debated it. We then passed on a potential job. We know a lot of companies that take everything no matter what it is. But it was nice to finally say, you know what, we aren’t interested in this. You have to be passionate about the project at hand, or it’s not worth it.

6. That charity projects feel really good.

Working for an intelligent high-school student who has already started her own charity makes you mostly feel like an unaccomplished deadbeat. But after you get over that feeling, it feels pretty good to help. And restored our faith in doing feel good projects, in huge way.

7. That a small bit of self-promotion can lead to good things.

Who knew that a few submissions of work on some web design sites like CSS AwardsBehanceWeb Crème, and a few others would translate into a flood of traffic to our site from all over.

8. That good work and hard work translate into word of mouth and more business.

It’s amazing how much people appreciate and talk about your work when they appreciate your efforts. Doing good work always, always, always leads to more work.

9 That accountants with Moustaches are naturally 100% more awesome.

This is just a fact. And we are pumped to be working with ours.

10. That gift baskets, or some nicely selected wine, and not elaborate self-indulgent Christmas cards are always a winner.

So much effort went into holiday cards from ad agencies this year. They made videos, live web cams, you had to tweet at them, they gave money to charity for you if you clicked on something or checked in and the list goes on. But we kicked it old school, and put smiles on faces with edibles and/or drinkables.


These words are by Jackson Murphy

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